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Proud  host of  the 16 years running of   

OPEN MIC at The Celtic Tavern 

​Music  is the road to the heart and soul, The Celtic Tavern is just a stop along the way

​​​​​Eleven Mile Music Co. 



We at The Celtic Tavern would like to thank both Russ Winters and Mike Edge. These two guy's took over the Open Mic here back in 2001. Their commitment and dedication to The Celtic and the local artist was instrumental in making Open Mic what it is today. 

Every musician, professional or amateur, likes to play in front of a live audience.  However, not all of us have the opportunity to play in a band or have a regular gig to satisfy our selfish need for attention.  An Open Mic appearance may be the answer you've been looking for all along.  And Nervous, no reason for that as you will find no one but friends at The Celtic Tavern.

It just so happens that we host regular Acoustic Open Mic Nights in Rockdale County just east of Atlanta.  Whether you are just coming learning to play, testing out new material or honing your live performance skills, we've got the forum for you.  Check out the site then come join us in person for an evening of fun and music.  We look forward to it.


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8:00pm - Every Wednesday Night
 918 Commercial St.
 Conyers, Georgia